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What are your office hours?

Between 8.30am - 5pm Monday - Friday, Saturdays by appointment only (between hours of 9am and 1pm). Closed Sunday. If you have your access tag and your account is all paid up, you can still access the Self-Storage facility 24/7.

How secure is my stuff?

Every unit is individually alarmed, we have surveillance cameras, motion sensors in the open areas and twice nightly patrols. Every time an alarm is activated, the on-call phone rings immediately. The facility also has fire sprinklers that will dial the fire brigade automatically if they activate. We also have rodent protection in place and a detailed digital log of all access into the facility.

Do you have insurance options?

Yes. We have an insurance policy that goes on and above the monthly rental. It is an optional service.

What is a silky tag?

A silky tag is the tag that gives you access to the Self-Storage facility. It is like swipe card access but more secure, when activated at the entry tagging station, the silky tag will disarm your unit and open the facility door for you.

Why do I need to tag in/out if the door is already up?

Tagging in dis-alarms your unit and the common areas.  If you don't tag in, opening your unit will set off the alarm; and when the person who opened the door leaves, simply being inside the facility will set off the alarms.

Tagging out re-arms your unit alarm and the common area.  If you don't tag out the alarm in your unit will not be set and our records will show that you are still in the unit.

What do I need when I am ready to sign up the unit?

Upon sign up, customers are required to have on their person: Photo ID, the first part month payment and a padlock. We sell padlocks if you do not have one.

How do I make payments?

We'll give you an Automatic Payment form when you sign up for your unit. Cash, Cheques, Eftpos, Visa, Mastercard and Internet Banking Transfers are also accepted.

What is your payment cycle?

Our payment cycle is per calendar month. For example – if you signed up for a unit on the 15th of a month, we would charge you a pro-rata, or “part month”, from the 15th of that month until the last day of that month. This will be less than the re-occurring rental fee. Your full monthly payment (the re-occurring rental fee) is then due on or before the 1st of the following month. This way, all rentals are always due on the 1st of each month.

Do I get a refund if I take my stuff out part way through a month?

Yes, we only charge you for the days you use provided you have given the correct vacation notice.

What is the minimum stay and how much notice do I have to give to vacate the unit?

There is no minimum stay. However, the minimum charge is one month’s rental. You are only required to give 7 days’ notice to vacate your unit. If you are all paid up, you can vacate whenever you like but your refund will be less the 7 days for no notice given.

Is there pest control onsite?

Yes. We have industry standard bait stations for mice, rats and other creepy crawlies. Birds, cats and other larger animals set off our motion sensor alarms.

Can I have access to my unit outside office hours?

Yes, once signed up, you’re silky tag will give you 24/7 access to your unit.

Who else has access to my store?

Only the access tag and padlock key holder, customers supply their own padlock so management does not access the unit.

What do I do if the alarms go off?

Between 8.30am - 5pm Mon – Fri, and 9am - 4pm on Saturdays, there will be staff on site that can sort out any alarms.  Outside of these hours the alarms ring the on-call phone at the manager's home.  We are able to see who caused the alarm to go off.  An after hour call out can incur a security fee of $60.00.

Do you have any packing materials available to assist my move?

Yes, we have packaging materials such as boxes, mattress protectors, bubble wrap and much more available for purchase. Please see our Packaging Page.

Managed Storage

How secure is my vehicle?

Vehicles are stored in the managed storage shed, separate to the self-storage facility. The managed storage shed has all the security features of the self-storage, alarmed, monitored, fire sprinkler protected, pest controlled and more.

Is the vehicle storage under cover?

Yes, vehicles are stored in in a dry, indoor environment, inside the managed storage sheds.

Can I access my vehicle outside of office hours?

Vehicles are placed in a large warehouse with other customer’s vehicles, this is the safest method of operations for your vehicle. Therefore we do not allow customers in to the managed storage sheds unattended.

Do I have to leave a set of keys for my vehicle with management?

Yes – we need to keep a set of keys to your vehicle in case it needs shifted in an emergency. We keep all keys locked up in a safe separate from the vehicles.

Do I need to insure my vehicle while in storage?

Vehicle insurance is advisable, but not compulsory.

Do you have systems in place to prevent the battery in my vehicle going flat?

Yes. Our standard policy is to remove the negative battery terminal to prevent discharge. If you do not want your battery removed, we have multiple, reliable jump-starting devices.

Can I plug a trickle charger into a power point to charge my vehicle’s battery?

It is possible, by prior arrangement – there is a limited number of power points in the managed storage sheds and we would charge a little bit extra for the service.

Can I work on my vehicle inside the managed storage sheds?

No, our managed storage sheds are for storage only.

Does my vehicle need to drive?

Not necessarily. We prefer driveable cars in case they do need to be shifted around the shed. If yours is a non-driver, we have systems in place to cater for it.

What is the minimum stay and how much notice do I have to give to remove my vehicle?

There is no minimum stay. However, the minimum charge is one month’s rental. You are only required to give 7 days’ notice to terminate the agreement and permanently remove your vehicle. We request 24 hours’ notice if you wish to remove the vehicle temporarily.

Does the item have to be a vehicle to go into managed storage?

No, we can cater for pellets and other uniform goods, but please note: the managed storage is strictly for storage, you will not be able to sift through your goods in the managed storage, only place and remove. The self-storage would be your best bet for goods that need sifted through. 

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