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Onsite, we have packaging items for purchase to assist you make your shift painless. We have a range of box sizes, tapes and dispensers to secure those boxes, bubble wrap to protect your fragile items, breathable mattress covers to maintain the condition of your mattresses and much more. All prices are inclusive of GST.

Hardend Steel Abus Padlock (55/40)$20.00
Bubble Wrap Roll Small
500mm x 10m$20.00
Bubble Wrap Roll Medium
750mm x 10m$21.00
Bubble Wrap Roll Large
50m x 1m$50.00
Self-Venting Matress Bag Small
Single Bed$4.00 each
Self-Venting Matress Bag Medium
Queen Size Bed$6.10 each
Self-Venting Matress Bag Large
King Size Bed$6.50 each
Packaging Box #3
(305mm x 305mm x 254mm)$1.99 each
Packaging Box #4
(340mm x 255mm x 305mm)$1.99 each
Packaging Box #6
(432mm x 330mm x 254mm)$2.50 each
Packaging Box #8
(457mm x 457mm x 356mm)$3.50 each
Craft Knife
Taijima 18mm$7.30
Tape Dispenser
Harvey’s Packaging Tape
48mm x 100m (Clear)$3.10
3m Dispenser & Tape

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